Monday, September 14, 2015

FIXED: RSAT for Windows 10

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So I’ve just recently upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. A bold move on my part but that's a story for another day.
Anyway, so after migrating I found a few things not working,and on in particular was my MMC console.
Its clear that the old MMC console wasn't compatible and luckily there is a pretty easy fix for this. OH and luckily it was just released as well..
A few things to remember before you start:
  • Its currently only available in English
  • Also only works on Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise editions. NO Home editions please.
  • For so odd reason it didn't want to download with Chrome. As soon as I used IE Voila! Weird but is it really?
  • The DHCP console will be missing as its not yet supported
  • and don't forget to RESTART after installation

So head on over to Microsoft and grab your copy at

Pretty straight forward install. Just click Yes.
Usually you would have to enable it in features but with Windows 10 its already there.
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