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How to use BITCOIN on

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Bitcoin has seen a large uptake in recent months pushing it to record highs until recently when it experience a quite remarkable crash. Each person has their opinion on the value of bitcoin and the difference between price vs value. A debate that by itself can take hours.

On a lighter note, why not use some of that bitcoin to spoil yourself and go buy something on takealot. Takealot does allow you to buy with your bitcoin its very very hidden. Not sure why though.

So this is how to buy on takealot with bitcoin.

1. Select your product


2. Click Add to Cart


3. Click your Cart


4. Proceed to Checkout


5. Here's the “hidden” section.

    Select ETF & ETF with PayFast then click Proceed at the bottom


6. On the next page verify your order information and click Proceed again.

7. Click Pay Now when choosing a Payment Method

8. Select Bitcoin


9. Pay the specified amount of bitcoin to that wallet address and click I have completed payment


10. That's it

What do you think of the recent Bitcoin crash? Do you think it will recover?

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