Monday, July 4, 2016

DO NOT Visit these sites

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There are thousands of websites lurking in the dark web, wait for any passes by to pounce on. The use various tactics to gather or steal or information, from IP addresses,geo location to credit card information.
Below is a list of websites you should NOT visit because its almost guaranteed to be malicious, especially to na├»ve,unprotected internet users. If you have the urge to click on any link below, I urge you DON’T,unless off course your an infosec (Information Security) student and doing it for research purposes.
*Misspellings or misrepresentation Tactics*
---------------------------------------------- - Beware, links on the page prompt for download of star dialer. - Same as Again, beware of star dialer. - Same as and - Fishy executable present here. - Redirects to - I discovered this site while reading Sharmans copyright infringment complaint to - Old soulseek domain, that now links to a mainpeen dialer (scumware). - WinMX based scam.

Regular P2P scam type sites - Looks to me to be just a cheap plug for an product (an MP3 CD player). - Not only do they link to yet another scam site, they also link to many forms of adware and spyware including
gator and aluriaaffiliates. - Links to an existing scam site. - This one was being displayed on BeatKing through the Google ads - Claims it's legal; obviously a scam. - The main culprit is ( - Another claim of legality.

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