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The easiest way to watch MKV files on your iphone,ipad or imac

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I really enjoy my iPhone, it's simple and easy to use.Well for most things at least but my biggest issue by far has to be how crap iTunes is at managing files. Then just look at how easy it is to copy your movies, books, and music to your Android.
So here is a quick, easy and free way on how copy any video files, most notably .mkv files, to your ios devices. This is also my preferred way to get an episode onto my iphone to watch in the bus on my way home.

  1. On your Iphone , navigate to the app store and install vlc player


  2. Plug your phone into your PC and open iTunes (it usually opens up automatically when plugged in)

  3. Click your phone

  4. Select Apps


  5. On the right hand side scroll to the bottem where you will see File Sharing

  6. Click on VLC then Add File…

  7. Select your file and click Open or you can also hold Ctrl+Click to select multiple files


  8. Wait a few seconds for your files to copy


  9. That's it, Open VLC and your movies or episodes will already be on your device. Just open and enjoy Winking smile



I hope you found this helpful and comment and let me know if I'm the only one that likes iOS but hates iTunes. 

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