HOW TO– View VCE Files for FREE – Page 2

Now that you have the Blue stack player in stalled and can continue by installing the play store apps

1. Search “es file” and install the ES File Explorer


2.. Search A+ Player and Install the FREE VCE A+ Player


3. Select Copy to Windows and Select your .vce file


4. Select ES Save To…and click Just Once


5. Click the + sign and create a folder called “vce” then save your vce file there


6. Open up the A+ Player then click Add –> File and navigate to your vce file



7. To use simply click on start


TIP: Something I found very useful was to practice with say 10-20 questions at a time. You can set the application to do this for you as well. This also gets around the free demo limitation. So if you dont want to pay then just do say 10-20 questions at a time but honestly speaking its something I would buy if you can. I think at the time of this writing its about $20 once off. Just know you have choices and buying it is optional.

Did this help you or do you also feel the subscription model for the full VCE exam simulator is greedily priced and unreasonable? Comment below.
I hope this has been informative and share if you feel this can help others.
A step by step video guide is also available below.

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JahB said...

Works like a charm. Share genius!

The Funky Tech Guy said...

Thanks JahB. Happy you found this useful and thank you for sharing your success.

colin said...

Brilliant works a treat

Yasser Khalil said...

Thank you very much for this awesome tutorial
Is there a way to open .exam files free?

The Funky Tech Guy said...

Thanks Yasser
Unfortunately, I haven't heard of .exam files before.

Mat said...

Very cool, thanks!

Anonymous said...

seems like this no longer works. i tried the newest version of a+ first, which prompted to upgrade after 5 questions or so. then got the apk for the version used in the tutorial and when trying to add the vce the application states that it is out of date and cannot proceed.

any solutions or is this it?

Anonymous said...

PS to above comment: I ended up purchasing the A+ app for 20$. it's worth it and cheaper than the ridiculous monthly fees of the others.

The Funky Tech Guy said...

I havent used it in a while but last time I checked it was working. Perhaps something has changed since, but one thing is for sure, it def is better and allot cheaper than the vce simulator that you have to rent and cannot buy.
Will research and see if there is a work around.

Daniel said...

I tried this just now and it worked so nice...

Nice one Funky tech guy... You just made my day, now I can practice my VCEs...

Many thanks

Unknown said...

How do you get that left hand column with the Copy from Windows? I dont have it.

Zeeshan said...

Numb006 thats not availble in Bluestack3. I had same problem. You need to use Media Manager in System App to Import files from Windows. However, i have just checked, VCE files are not supported :(

Anonymous said...

It works with BlueStack 4, no need for ES File Explorer, just A+ VCE Player and load the VCE files from dropbox or similar.

LukiD said...

Hi! This how-to is no longer valid. I tried it a few month ago and it WORKED fine but now...
Primo: A+ VCE Silver (and other A+ VCE viewers) disappeared from Google Play - I don't know why. The only way to install is is to go to site, download apk file and install it manually.
Secundo: free VCE files I already downloaded stopped to load to currently available A+ VCE versions. When I attempt to load it I get following message: "This file could not be loaded, please try again in a couple of minutes. Always ensure that your device is online while loading file". I have no idea how to repair it.

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