Thursday, June 25, 2015

Automatically cleanup up WSUS with powershell

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Hey all
So I manage our WSUS and patch management environment at work and one of the recurring maintenance tasks I have to do is delete/remove or cleanup all or any old updates,superseded updates and declined updates. The helps speed up the database as well as free up disk space.
So to do it manually, you open up your WSUS console –>Options –> Server Cleanup Wizard


Being able to automate this on a weekly or monthly schedule would be awesome and someone wrote an amazing script for this. You can find the script at the Spiceworks forum Here.
All you need to do is change the script to reflect your own environment with things like wsus servername,mail servername,from and to email address etc
Absolutely a great little script.
All credit goes to the author of the script Wouter-Trust

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